WEPOA exists primarily for 1 (big) reason – to maintain property values in TWE S1-8. Unlike the vast majority of other POAs, the cost to maintain our S1-8 campus is extremely low. That’s because (luckily) we have (virtually) no infrastructure to maintain. But we do have ROW grass to cut, AEP street light bills to pay, maintain the Boat/PWC trailer parking area, pay insurance, etc. Bottom line, the WEPOA is a small, non-profit business run by S1-8 volunteers. We rely on property owners joining and paying annual dues so we know exactly what our expected revenue stream will be and thus be able to award campus maintenance contracts, pay insurance, etc.

Why should any property owner in TWE Sections 1-8 join WEPOA? 3 reasons (other than helping to maintain property values): 1) They get a ‘vote’ regarding WEPOA business affairs; 2) They send the ‘message’ to their neighbors that they are willing to do their fair share for the greater good of the community; and 3) WEPOA members will get ‘priority’ for open parking spaces in the Boat/PWC trailer parking area when rehabs are done in Summer ’21 (exact ‘algorithm’ for how the BOD will address supply vs demand is TBD).

For general background, please browse this page’s parent site: The first couple of pages are about TWE in general.

Specific info about WEPOA is on the page you are reading now, as well as on this page: This is where you will also find the Joinder Agreement (link is just below), a map of TWE roadways plus 6-total associations (which includes WEPOA), plus S1-8 Covenants. FYI, the Covenants are already enjoined to each property’s deed, so whether or not the buyer joins WEPOA, the buyer is still subject to the Covenants.

If the property owner/buyer would like to join WEPOA they must print the Joinder Agreement, (all of ) the property owner(s) must sign it as they get it notarized, and send it plus annual membership dues to WEPOA PO Box 314, Penhook, VA 24137. FY20-21 dues are: $180/yr/developed lot, which amounts to just $0.50/day; $120/yr for undeveloped lots; $40/yr for each additional undeveloped lot. FY21-22 dues to be determined at the August 2021 annual meeting, but cannot exceed 10% increase without a majority membership vote. New members joining in Q4 are having their FY ‘20-‘21 dues waived. Or, contact Evelyn Vaden, WEPOA BOD VP, ( ). Evelyn is a notary and makes local ‘house calls’ to notarize Joinders and collect annual membership dues.

We are pleased to say we are presently at 85% of our membership ‘goal’. As far as new, voluntary POAs are concerned, this is an amazing accomplishment in less than 1 year. New membership Joinders are (still) coming in, so we hope to get close(r) to ‘goal’ by the annual meeting in August 2021.

FYI, although we have many developed lots that are now WEPOA members, many other developed lots, PLUS the VAST majority of undeveloped lots have not (yet) joined. Undeveloped lots comprise about 1/2 of all properties in S1-8!!! Many people purchased an undeveloped lot as an investment, and/or so they qualify to join TWE Club. We love having you as our neighbor and golf partner, but we WISH you would help spread the financial burden of campus upkeep – and in turn maintaining YOUR property values! We still have a ways to go to meet the next fiscal years’ demands of maintaining our campus. This fiscal year’s cost for an undeveloped lot to join WEPOA is just $120, and if you own additional undeveloped lots, the cost for each of those lots to join is just $40!!!

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