Covenant Management (CM) & Architectural Review (AR)

The Willard Companies formally (i.e. legally) assigned their rights and obligations to manage the Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions (“RCC”) for Sections 1 through 8 in The Water’s Edge to the WEPOA in the summer of 2020. Since then, WEPOA has formed the Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) and the Covenant Management Committee (“CMC”) to transfer responsibility for covenant management from the Willard Companies to the Association. During the transition phase, these two committees are operating as one, but they will be separated over time. Information on the RCC, CMC and ARC, including applications and reference numbers, can be found at:


Whether or not you join the WEPOA, property owners in Sections 1-8 are required to comply with the Restrictive Covenants of their Section, which compliance enforcement is now the responsibility of the WEPOA as set forth in Article 2, Purpose and Powers of the Association, of the WEPOA’s Articles of Incorporation WEPOA’s purpose includes “regulate the external design and appearance of property and improvements subject to the Declaration in such a manner as to preserve and enhance values and to maintain a harmonious relationship among such structures and the natural vegetation and topography”.


External modifications to your property subject to the CMC process include the drain field, plat, walls, easements, setback, fences, garage, roof, tree removal, etc. Typically, these matters can be resolved quickly via email exchange.


New development, major exterior construction/ renovation and dock approvals require the property owner to submit documents into a formal and detailed approval process managed by the WEPOA.

Following the Assignment of the RCC to WEPOA, the WEPOA BOD asked Ron Willard II to fill the third seat on the WEPOA ARC committee. Ron graciously agreed and he/ The Willard Companies will, therefore, continue to be involved in this extremely important community activity during the formative period of the WEPOA ARC. Ron is the person with the knowledge, history, and property development records and is invaluable to a successful transition of the ARC from Willard Companies to the WEPOA.

We are fortunate that WC will guide the WEPOA. This transition is underway and will continue indefinitely, but for a minimum of several months. When you are contacted by any of the WEPOA ARC members, the BOD would appreciate your cooperation in fulfilling their requests.

Other Property Matters

There are numerous other concerns for property owners that are not governed by the RCCs, CMC or ARC, such as septic questions, GIS maps, real property maintenance and shoreline management. The WEPOA has already added some third-party contact information to the website for members’ self-help and we will continue to expand and enhance references on this website. We ask that you refrain from contacting the Willard Companies for such information.

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