Several lovely neighborhoods collectively celebrate their good fortune to be part of TWE. The first neighborhood created by visionary developer Ron Willard in the early 1980’s is comprised of about 250 beautiful custom-built, distinct single-family homes in 8 sections, as well as 230 additional currently undeveloped lots. Now that development is complete, Willard Construction (WC) transferred some of its responsibilities to S1-8 property owners. In order to accept and manage these responsibilities, S1-8 recently established a Property Owners Association (POA) management construct, and is called the WEPOA. There are 5 other neighborhood Associations in TWE . These neighborhoods include Marina Bay, Golfers Crossing, Grand Villas, Island Green Pointe and Village Green. Together with the WEPOA, all 6 neighborhoods in TWE strive to enhance their quality of life and sense of community as well as maintain a distinctive, beautiful appearance which preserves property values. Here’s a map of TWE campus, and how WEPOA ‘fits’ in with the other five WE Associations:

In particular, the WEPOA Board of Directors (BOD) goals include:

  • Protecting and enhancing S1-8 property values,
  • Managing the Association’s responsibilities efficiently,
  • Communicating regularly,
  • Aligning with all Associations so as to influence local government leaders to address the concerns and needs of TWE, and
  • Promoting member social activities

The new WEPOA is currently communicating with S1-8 property owners and is providing them with a compelling case to become members and volunteers. As of March 2021, 85% of goal has been achieved in the WEPOA membership campaign, called ‘Be the Edge’. Additional property owners are in queue for processing their membership documents. Want to learn more about how you can join the POA? Go to this page on our site: https://twepoa.com/join-wepoa/, and/or click on wepoa-membership-meeting-voiceover-show-v2.2, make sure your volume is turned up, and enjoy the show!

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